Sunday, January 17, 2010

Things I Love!!

Food Products: (these are from when I was doing the Weight Watchers Points plan...I have included Points Plus values for the ones I know)

Baja Bob's Sugar Free Margarita Mix - zero calorie drink mixes (margarita is great!) 0 WW Points 0 Points Plus

Vita Tops - My favorites are Triple Chocolate and the Peanut Butter Chocolate ones - Buying from Amazon with free super saver shipping is the cheapest way I have found. 1 WW Point

Skinny Cow products - Truffle Bars and Vanilla Sandwiches are my favorites! 2 WW Points Another new favorite is the single serving ice cream-LOVE the Chocolate Fudge Brownie 2 WW points *Please note - some of the ice cream varieties weigh in at 3 WW points*

Kashi cereal - Honey Almond Flax Go Lean Crunch and regular Go Lean Crunch. :) This is a great addition to your morning yogurt or a yogurt snack to make it stick with you for hours! 2 WW Points for 1/2 cup 2 Points Plus

Fiber One - Oats and Chocolate bars and Strawberry Yogurt 2 WW Points for the bars, 0 WW Points for the yogurt 4 Points Plus for the Bars 1 Points Plus for the yogurt

Orowheat Sandwich Thins - Run, don't walk and get these fantastic and very versatile products. Sandwiches, toast, hamburgers, pizza crusts, they'll do anything!! 1 WW Point 3 Points Plus

Weight Watchers string cheese - I use this on sandwiches, to make pizzas, in egg scrambles, you name it. Great stuff, portable, and pre-portioned. 1 WW Point 1 Points Plus

Oscar Mayer deli sliced turkey - Wraps or sandwiches yummy and 6 slices = 1 WW Point 1 Points Plus

Oscar Mayer 98% Fat Free hot dog weinees - Taste just like the real thing and with only 60 calories each they are only 1 WW Point!

Blue Diamond Raw Natural Almonds - Great snack or addition to your morning yogurt!! check nutritional label for serving size and calculate Points

Pioneer Brown Gravy Mix - Gravy folks...and good gravy at that. At 20 calories per serving and no fat, that's 0 WW Points where I come from! You could eat the entire thing and would have a whopping 160 calories and 3 WW Points to account for, so indulge. This stuff is fantastic for dipping an Orowheat turkey sandwich, Orowheat veggie burger, or a real burger. LOVE IT!

Running Stuff

Nike Dri Fit shorts - Built in undies, key/ipod pocket, and very functional. These are some of my favorite shorts!

Athleta Twist Top - I am a HUGE fan of this shirt. Can't say enough nice things

Athleta Hana Run Shorts - built in undies and super comfy. I have them in pink and LOVE them

Garmin Forerunner - This is a permanent attachment if I'm running. Love the great instant feedback and it really pushes me to push harder

Road ID - This is a must for anyone running on the road (or side of the road). My brother (police officer) convinced me to buy it and I hope I never need it, but feel a little better knowing it's there.

Bondi Bands - These are also a must for my runs. I am addicted. Super cute, super functional, and they allow you a little style as well.